Why is it called a Bareboat hire?

A bareboat hire is where you hire the boat and skipper it yourself.  The client/hirer nominates a Skipper and that person has the responsibility for the safety of the outing and communication with us on shore.

Do I need a license to drive a boat in NZ?

No you don’t. You do however need to have sufficient experience to be able to operate the boat safely in relation to the forecast and your trip plan. We will assess this in conjunction with you.

Where can I look “how to” boating videos?

If you are a complete novice and need to look up ‘how to’ boating videos then you are probably not sufficiently experienced to undertake a bareboat charter.  If you have some experience, have owned a boat, skippered a boat in the relevant area a few times, or a even a qualification, such as Boatmasters, then your trip plan combined with your experience combined with the forecast will establish whether the particular charter will go ahead.  If you feel like a refresher on some boating information then the You Tube channel by Maritime New Zealand ‘boatsafetinNZ’ may be of interest.

How do I get the boat to the water?

If you have a car that can tow you are welcome to collect the boat from our Beach Haven location.

Our boats need a decent all-tide ramp.

If you prefer, we can arrange a launch and retrieve service from our local ramps (Birkenhead, Takapuna, Westhaven, Bayswater).  See pricing under the extras link on this website.  It will cost a bit more if you want us to go further than that (such as Half Moon Bay or Gulf Harbour).

We can deliver a boat to an alternative location, but find that long distance deliveries are not very cost effective as we usually have to make 4 x one way trips and we need to cover ourselves for mileage and labour.  However, we are happy to provide a price for this service if required.

How long is a day hire?

Our boats are authorised by Maritime New Zealand for daylight operation only; so if you’re keen to maximize your time on the water you can get an early start and use the boat from when the sun comes up to just before it sets (there are longer daylight hours during the summer months).

We don’t mind getting up early if you need an early launch.

How much does it cost and can I please have a discount?

Pricing is from $300 plus fuel (for longer hires); up to $400 plus fuel for single-day hires.  We have a discounting policy in place.  Please see the link at the bottom of our website for details.

How can I pay?

You need to pay for your hire before you head out. We also offer an online payment service through Bambora should you wish to use your credit card for the hire and/or bond.  If paying by Bambora there is a 2.5% convenience fee.

What is the deposit?

A deposit of 25% is needed to confirm your booking.

Is there a bond to pay?

There is a $1000.00 bond to pay. This can be deposited prior to the hire, or taken using a pre-authorization transaction on a credit card through Bambora (money doesn’t leave your account). This only works with credit cards (not debit).  A cash bond is another alternative as it’s easy to give back post hire.

The $1000.00 bond is security for us.

Do I need to pay for fuel and oil?

As each hire has a different fuel/oil cost we ask that clients either return the boat replenished of fuel, or we do this and on-charge this cost.

All our boats take 91 unleaded.  They will be full when you get them and filled up again upon return.  If you are going to fill the tank yourself, make sure you fill it all the way to the top as we do check and don’t want to disadvantage the next hirer.  The boats take a ‘slow fill’ so after the first click you need to slowly fill it to the top.

All our outboards are two-stroke and are designed to use oil in combination with petrol (unlike a car).  There is a separate oil reservoir on-board and the oil automatically mixes with the petrol while the motor is running.  We have special oil for our boats and ask that you do not top up with oil unless first checking with us.  We have incorporated the cost of the oil into the hire rate so that there is no separate charge for oil use.

Please do not put any of your own oil in the oil reservoir as it could permanently damage the outboard.

The approximate range of a full tank in fine weather is about 70NM; less in chop or with a heavy boat.  (How you trim the motor also affects your usage).    As a usage example, Westhaven, around Waiheke and back may require extra fuel (best idea may be to top up at Half-Moon Bay).  If you plan on doing a lot of driving you might plan to refuel while out.  See the Boaties Book for refueling stations in your area:  http://www.boaties.co.nz/useful-info/fuel.html

Do you have fishing rods, wake boards and other extras?

Yes, we do, we have a BBQ, wakeboards, ski biscuits, kneeboards, snorkeling gear, chilly bins, bait and burley and fishing rods.  Please see the extras link on this website for details and pricing.

Do you have Jet Skis for Hire?

No, not any more.

What if it is really windy and rough on my pre-booked day?

Most clients book to use a boat from Auckland and in the inner gulf; and if you are familiar with Auckland, the weather could provide a mix of sun and rain on the same day; no matter whether it is mid-winter or mid-summer.  Be prepared to experience some weather.  Rest assured your safety and enjoyment is our priority, therefore if you don’t feel safe with the conditions we can postpone your hire. Some days will exceed our operational weather limits. We reserve the right to cancel the hire for this reason. If this is the case we will provide you with a full refund, or you may choose to reschedule.

Are there limits on where I can go?

Yes, we are restricted to 5NM from land, this includes islands, so it is OK with us if you island hop out to the Noisies for example, or to the bottom end of Waiheke Island. You can take the boat on holiday with you to anywhere on the east coast from North Cape to East Cape including all North Island Lakes.

We are NOT authorised for the West Coast (ie Manukau Harbour).

How many people can I take out?

Our boats are authorised by Maritime New Zealand to take up to 6 passengers, including the Skipper.

Can I have a few alcoholic drinks while on my day out on the boat?

The Skipper of the boat and driver of the car towing the boat cannot drink alcohol.  Get yourself some yummy ginger beer and enjoy the fizz that way!

If passengers intend to drink this needs to be done in a safe and responsible manner at the discretion of the Skipper.

What is the boat availability like?

The summer holidays is our peak time, with some clients reserving boats 12 months in advance.  So the more notice you can give us of your wish to hire a boat, the greater the chance we can reserve one for you.

There is always a chance one of the boats will be available on any given day, however, so do just email ben@affordableboathire.co.nz (or call (027 454 7748)).  We don’t publish an online booking calendar but sometimes if there is a beautiful day and a boat unexpectedly becomes available we might put a note on Facebook; so follow us on Facebook.

Are there any bio-security issues?

If your trip plan includes visiting one of the pest-free Islands in the Hauraki Gulf please let us know.  Please see the link on this website for information about bio-security requirements.

Is there a contract to sign?

We have a hire agreement that we can send to you to read in advance; this sets out some of the rules attached to the hire.

What might lead to a cancellation?

Your safety is our priority and may result in the cancellation of our hire arrangement at any stage.  For example, we reserve the right to cancel your hire if we consider the conditions are unsafe for your level of experience or intended trip.

Another situation leading to a last minute cancellation might arise if another client returns the boat in an unsafe condition and in need of repair, or if during our safety induction (even ‘on the ramp’) we notice a problem that renders the hire unsafe.  In these instances we will provide you with a full refund of your deposit.

If your plans change due to personal circumstances please advise us ASAP as we may be turning away other customers who want the boat on the same day.  We will then reschedule your hire for you for a time that suits.

Do I need to tell you my plans for the outing?

Yes.  In fact, whether we can hire to you depends on your experience in light of your proposed trip plan.  So think about what you plan to do with the boat and let us know.

When you hire the boat you will need to fill in a trip plan and during the hire you will need to stick to that plan or communicate with us if you wish to deviate from that plan.  We ask for communication before the hire, during the hire and also when the boat returns to shore.  This may be as simple as a text message so make sure you take phones and chargers.  We have ports for charging phones on all our boats.

Stuck for ideas?  Call Ben;  he has loads of ideas and is a wealth of information.  He just loves to talk boats and fishing and adventures on the Hauraki Gulf!

Had a great trip?  Why not log your outing on our Facebook page so that others can see your good ideas!